Dagmar & Jozef ZSAPKA


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 Johannes Ernharth  mail
Your Two Violins & One Guitar CDs are wonderful! Researching the players to see if they ever perform as a group brought me here. It would be wonderful to see selections from these CDs played live. Thanks for the great musicianship!
 Daan Grendo  mail
Greetings from CG Jakarta, Indonesia, South East Asia . I know your nice personal guitar websites from Marek Cupak as your guitar student at Konzervatorium v Bratislave. Pls add free mp3 sample for your recording so that we can know what's your amazing guitar playing ..(just suggest)

Be best and success for you forever .

Warmest Regards,
Daan Grendo
CG Jakarta
 Tuncay Yeter  mail
Dear Sir
I went to your last guitar resital in Istanbul on 18.02.2006 saturday night with my wife and my son, 4 years old. Your performance were excellent. Congratulations.
My wife has been participating in guitar courses for 2 months.
We would appreciate your suggestions about playing guitar excellently like you.
Kindest Regards
 Paulo Bastos  mail  website
Excellent web page with very good content, good design and organization, very professional, congratulations.
I wish all the best for you, one of the greatest guitar players in the world...
 Marc J. Reeves  mail
Perfect! I enjoyed this page very much. Lots of information that helped me complete my collection.

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